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A nice cologne girl is kissing a  typical cologne statue named Schäl
Enjoy the cologne carnival 2017

Cologne Carnival


Welcome to Cologne!  

Enjoy the great carnival atmosphere, the cologne mentality in our city and experience 1 million people on the biggest carnival parade in Europe at Rosenmontag (Rose Monday). 


The street Carnival starts with "Weiberfastnacht" (Women's Carnival Day) at Thursday (the 23. february) and ends "Ash Wednesday" (the 01. march). 


At 11.11 a.m. the street Carnival is officially opened at the "Alter Markt" by the three principal Carnival figures: the Prince, the Peasant and the Virgin (collectively known as the "Dreigestirn"). 



1 Ticket for 6 full days drive

If you want to visit cologne and his beautiful surroundings, take only 1 Ticket for 6 full days drive for the VRS-Network. You can use the „KarnevalsTicket“ at the time of Thursday (23.02.2017) to Tuesday (28.02.2017) 6 full days drive across the VRS.


Where can i buy the KarnevalsTicket?

The „KarnevalsTicket“ (25,30 €) is a personal ticket and a ticket to print at home. You can buy it only in our VRS-Ticketsshop!


More information about the Cologne Carnival you find here.




more fun without glas

More fun without glas in glass-free zones

More fun without glass

Under the motto „More fun without glass", the residents of Cologne can celebrate the street carnival in its strongholds in the "Altstadt" and the "Zülpicher Viertel" without shards in the future. In these areas carrying and selling glass and glass bottles has been prohibited temporarily.


The Stadt Köln and its partners want to protect carnival revellers from unnecessary injuries and dangers. Prior to entering the glass-free zone, the revellers have the opportunity to dispose of glass bottles and glasses in special containers. Within the zones, restaurants and kiosks are only allowed to sell drinks in plastic or paper cups and in cans or PET bottles. 


Employees of the Stadt Köln are taking care that individuals don't violate the rules and defy the ban on glass. They interact with people in a friendly manner; however, they intervene if need be. We wish you an enjoyable, happy and injury-free carnival period.




railway system with all VRS rail lines

More versatility with bus, tram and rail

Information at a glance

The Flyer "VRS-Pocket Guide" provides an overview of all city railways and national railway services in the VRS transport association network and details of tickets and prices.

VRS transport association network takes you safely not only to major cities such as Köln, Bonn and Leverkusen but also to other destinations throughout the regions.



Thus you may travel in the districts of Rhein-Erft, Rhein-Sieg, Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis, Oberbergischer Kreis and Euskirchen or to Aachen.

Any Questions?

Do you have any questions regarding time tables or ticket rates?


Call the smart number for buses and trains 0 180 6 50 40 30 (Landlines 20 ct./call, mobile phones max. 60 ct./call)


You can buy all tickets in our 5 KundenCenter or 3 KVB-Vertriebsstellen (customer service centres), in more than 100 kiosks and at ticketautomats in buses and trams.





Welcome to Cologne


Here you can find the Cologne tourists network plan in different languages:




for everyone - going somewhere
Save on trips with bus & train

Same City, same price

Buying tickets for the VRS transport association network is as easy as can be, on the "same cits, same price" principle.

Altogether, there are 5 tariff levels depending on the distance from the city or the place where you start your journey.

For short distances, you may want to buy a special short haul ticket (KurzstreckenTicket)

Tariff levels

-  Short haul ticket for short distances
-  generally valid from when you get on plus up to four stops
-  valid irrespective of town and community borders
-  valid in all buses, undergrounds, trams and urban railways
-  not valid in local trains, as well as on some express bus lines and sections of lines

tariff level 1 (CityTicket)
-  valid for inner-city journeys
-  tariff level 1a for journeys within all towns and communities served by the VRS 
   transport association network  (except for Köln and Bonn)
-  tariff level 1b for journeys within the cities of Köln or Bonn

tariff level 2 (CityPlusTicket)
-  for trips to a neighbouring town or community
-  tariff level 2a for journeys between all neighbouring towns and communities
   served by the VRS transport association network (except for Köln and Bonn)
-  tariff level 2b for journeys from a neighbouring town or community to 
   Cologne or Bonn and vice versa

tariff levels 3 and 4 (RegioTicket)
-  valid for journeys covering several towns or communities

tariff level 5 (RegioTicket)
-  valid in the enlarged VRS network (incl. enlargement Kreis Ahrweiler)
-  for students´tickets and in the VRR towns and communities that fall under 
   “major border traffic VRS/VRR”
-  tariff level 5 is not valid for the entire network

tariff level 6 and 7

Our seven easy price levels take you to your desired destination – now also available for the entire area of the Aachener Verkehrsverbund (AVV).



-  Free traveling for children up to the age of five
-  Children from 6 to 14 years may use the children's tariff

-  May be taken along for one single ticket or with a 4erTicket for adults, tariff 
   level 1b or 2a  (regardless of the length of the journey!)
-  If you want to take your bicycle regularly, you may want to purchase a special
   tag for one month.

-  Travel free



EinzelTicket (single ticket)
-  For one journey on the selected tariff level
-  Not valid for detours, circular or return trips.

4erTicket (4 journeys)
-  Valid for four journeys on the selected tariff levels
-  Can be used by several persons simultaneously
-  Not valid for detours, circular or return trips


TagesTicket (day ticket) for 1 person
-  Valid for one day until closing hour (3 am of the following day) for any number
    of trips

TagesTicket (day ticket) for 5 persons
-  Valid for up to 5 persons
-  Valid from 9 am until closing hour, (3 am of the following day) on weekends and
    public holidays before 9 am for any number of trips

Both tickets are valid within the limits of the town or community where you start
your journey and wherever you may travel with the selected tariff level.

WochenTicket (weekly ticket)
-  Valid for one calendar week from Monday to end of service of first workday of the
    following week (closing hour 3 am of the following day)
-  Valid for one person and for any number of trips within the selected towns and

MonatsTicket (monthly ticket)
-  Valid for one calendar month from the first of the month until closing hour (3 am)
   on the first working day of the following month
 - Valid for one person and for any number of trips within the selected towns and

Formel9Ticket (formula 9 ticket)
-  Valid for one calendar month from Monday through Friday from 9 am until 
    closing hour (3 am of the following day) as well as 24h on weekends/public
-  Valid for one person and for any number of trips within the selected towns and 
-  May be used by other persons as well. 

MonatsTickets and Formel9Tickets are even cheaper and may be transferred
    when subscribing for a min. period of 12 months.
-  Subscribers may take one adult and up to three children between 6 and 14 years as
    well as one bicycle free of charge from Monday through Friday from 7 pm as
    well as 24h on weekends/public holidays.

 2017: The DayTicket (263 kB)



The blue KölnCard

KölnCard - the best way to explore Cologne

The KölnCard for Cologne visitors

Welcome to our beautiful city!

The Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (KVB) and KölnTourismus are pleased to inform you about all benefits granted to KölnCard holders, allowing for a personalised stay in Cologne.

Our currently valid KölnCard provides 


  • 60 offers plus
  • an extra public transport ticket

The KölnCard is the easy and inexpensive way to explore Cologne.


Free travel on all public transportation and up to 50% off at restaurants, artistic and cultural attractions. For as little as € 9.00, you can discover Cologne in all its diversity and at reduced prices.


The KölnCard is available for individuals (Single KölnCard) or groups up to five persons regardless of age and valid for 24 or 48 hours. 

Single KölnCard      Köln
24 h     9,00 €  
48 h    18,00 €



Group KölnCard       Köln
24 h    19,00 €
48 h    38,00 €




You can get your KölnCard at



At the Cologne Tourist Board Service Centre across from the cathedral; at DB ticket machines within the area where the card is valid for travel; in many hotels and hostels; and at various travel agencies and tour operators.

For more information please look at KölnTourismus.

 2017: KölnCard Flyer (1350 kB)

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